Gone are the days when retail sales used to have a monopoly in the consumer world. Clients who once relied on exclusively retail outlets have the option of purchasing products online. It is [...]


Nowadays, the rapid growth of the internet has brought on the rapid growth of online business opportunities. Customers who once had to travel to a store to buy products can now buy them from the [...]


The most telling impact of e-commerce on business probably has been the ease of business continuity in the face of a global pandemic that has otherwise led to the closure of several businesses, [...]

Advantages of Website Builder for small businesses

Following are the advantages of a website builder for small businesses.  You can get a website up faster. If you don’t have an eCommerce platform to expand your online presence, you’re losing [...]

Advantages of Online stores for Businesses

Bigger Scope of Business  You may have already dedicated some of your business budgets to reaching new customers, such as placing ads in local papers or media spots on the radio or television in [...]

What are the advantages of direct-to-consumer e-commerce?

An omnichannel experience A major advantage of a direct-to-consumer e-commerce strategy is that manufacturers have complete control over all aspects of their business, from packaging to [...]

What is the difference between a direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce business model and a traditional retailer business model?

D2C e-commerce refers to when a manufacturer or producer sells directly to customers through their website. A more typical retailer business strategy involves going from the manufacturer/producer [...]

The impact of customer engagement on the retail industry’s future

It’s critical to address the ever-increasing yet significant impact of consumer involvement on the future of retail. What are some things that a company may do to improve client engagement? [...]

After Covid 19, what are the challenges in today’s retail?

The emergence of COVID-19 is seen by many brands as one of the most difficult times in retail history. But what are the hurdles that the brands face? Here are a few of the problems: 1. Customers [...]

3 Technology Trends That Will Shape The Future Of eCommerce [2021]

The world is ruled by technology. With time and progress, the business sector adapts to the changes in order to stay ahead in the cutthroat competitive globe. Technology advances in e-commerce [...]